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  • 12/03/24

    Ping Pong Tournament 28th March

    We will be ending the term with a fun, family event - the teachers are challenging all of you parents and carers to come and take part in a ping pong tournament against them! The children will be able to watch this spectacle and cheer the players on. There will also be a refreshment stall and fun ac...
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  • 06/02/24

    Anthem Community Council

    Make a difference in your community... By volunteering as a Community Council member at your local Anthem school, you can help shape the lives of children in your area.
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  • 22/01/24

    Young Voices Concert at O2 Arena

    On Friday, 19th January, the O2 Arena in London was transformed into a magnificent symphony of youthful voices as 25 talented children from Gladstone Park took part in the highly anticipated Young Voices concert. With a staggering total of 8,500 children participating, the event was a resounding suc...
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  • 07/07/23

    Open Mornings for Nursery + Reception

    We will be holding open mornings in November for nursery and reception for children starting in 2024
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  • 28/04/23

    Health Needs Questionnaire for Reception Children

    As your child has now started in primary school, we would like to introduce you to the Brent School Nursing Service. We would like to ask you to complete a Health Needs Questionnaire, which will enable us to support you and your child, working with the school and other agencies with any identified h...
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  • 20/04/23

    Brent Parenting Support Services

    Good parenting makes a big difference to a child's wellbeing and future success and that many parents will need help and guidance at some point in their parenting experience.
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  • 27/02/23

    Sufra offers Hot, Free Meals

    Sufra NW London is a local charity established in 2013 to address both the causes and consequences of impoverishment in the community. Based on St. Raphael’s Estate, Brent’s most disadvantaged neighbourhood, their Community Hub provides a life-line for people in crisis – includi...
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  • 03/02/23

    Waterford Way Parking: further restrictions

    To encourage as many as possible to actively travel to school by walking and cycling, Brent Council, with TfL, introduced a temporary ‘School Street’ on Waterford Way for Gladstone Park Primary School in February
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  • 12/01/23

    Brent Cost of Living Support

    Please see the attachment below that Mrs Anteryki received form Brent and which she shared at the recent coffee morning at school; it shows ways in which Brent residents can access help in these difficult times. 
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  • 21/11/22

    £15 vouchers per child per week: check eligibility

    Many of our parents are receiving vouchers to spend at a supermarket of their choice during school holiday periods. These vouchers are £15 per child per week so comes to £30 per child for the Christmas holidays. These vouchers will also be available for February half-term and Easter h...
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  • 02/11/22

    Cost-of-living support

    Find out what help and support is available to you and your family as the cost-of-living crisis continues to bite.
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