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Pupil Absence Procedure

When a student is absent:

  • Day 1: We will contact you (phone call or email) if you have not notified the school about an absence.
  • Day 2 (continued absence): We will follow up with another call/email and inform the teacher of the attempted contact (note in register). Depending on the situation, we may also send a Dojo message.
  • Day 3 (continued absence): A home visit will be conducted by the school. If contact remains unsuccessful, we will refer the case to the Education Welfare Service as a "Child Missing in Education."
  • Additional actions, when applicable:
    • Request a "safe and well" check by the Police/PCSO.
    • Inform the social worker (if involved with the family).
    • Make a Children's Social Care (CSC) referral if safeguarding concerns arise.
  • Meeting: We'll invite you to discuss the situation with our attendance officer, educational welfare officer, and/or a member of the SLT.
  • Referral to Education Welfare Officer: The matter will be referred if attendance falls below 90%.